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  • Family Owned

    "Awesome Family run business!! If your at all thinking of buying "Prep" items, give them a try. Lots of good knowledge and help. Will definitely be going back again. Thanks Adam for all your help!"-S. Abbot

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  • Great selection

    Great selection of emergency preparedness gear, food and other items. Tons of essentials for prepping or even just getting out and camping. Extremely knowledgeable staff who are willing to help out."-C.Thornley

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  • Emergencies No worries with NuManna

    "This is an outstanding product. Everything you need in case of emergency and they put all the great kinds of food together!"-Jacqueline C.

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  • Glyphosate

    "This is one of 3 available filtration systems that takes out Glyphosate 100%. That's impressive."-Rudy

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Privite Label - Emergency Drinking Water

Emergency Drinking Water Supply for Institutions

Reliable Water Safety Solutions for Emergencies

In times of crisis, the availability of clean, safe drinking water is crucial. Be Ready Inc. specializes in providing emergency drinking water for hospitals, companies, hotels, and other organizations, ensuring that essential needs are met swiftly and efficiently.

Why Be Ready Inc. is Essential for Your Preparedness Plan

- Certified Safe Drinking Water: Our emergency water supplies comply with all health and safety regulations, guaranteeing that your staff, guests, and patients have access to clean drinking water during any disaster.
- Customized Water Solutions: We offer customized emergency water solutions tailored to the specific needs of large-scale facilities and businesses.
- Quick Delivery Systems: Our advanced logistics ensure fast delivery, helping you maintain readiness in urgent situations.

Key Features of Our Emergency Water Supplies:

- Premium Quality Water: Our water undergoes a rigorous purification process and is packaged under strict sterile conditions, ensuring long-term purity and drinkability.
- Robust Packaging: Our water containers are engineered to endure harsh conditions and protect against contamination.
- Efficient Storage: Our packaging is designed for easy and efficient storage, allowing quick access and optimal space use.

How to Order:

- Bulk Purchase Requirements: We handle large volume orders to maximize efficiency and provide the best value, focusing on the unique needs of each client.
- Contact Us for Details: For more information about our emergency drinking water products, bulk order requirements, and tailored solutions for your organization, please contact:

📧 Email: koa@bereadyinc.com

Equip your organization with Be Ready Inc.’s trusted emergency drinking water, "Ready H2O" solutions. We are dedicated to ensuring your preparedness for any crisis with high-quality, easily accessible emergency water supplies. Secure the well-being of everyone in your care with our reliable and efficient water safety solutions.

Ready, Set, Survive: Gear Up with Our "Ready Kit Fundraiser!

Basic Tier - $25
- Contents: Essentials such as water bottles (Ready H2O), a first-aid kit, and a flashlight.
"Stay prepared with vital emergency tools—essential protection at an unbeatable price!"

Premium Tier - $75
- Contents: Includes everything in the Basic tier, plus a multi-tool, additional water, emergency food rations, and a thermal blanket.
"Step up your emergency game with our Premium kit—more tools, more readiness!"

Deluxe Tier - $175
- Contents: Combines the Premium offerings with luxuries such as a solar charger, comprehensive first-aid supplies, a sturdy backpack, and gourmet emergency food.
"The ultimate in emergency preparedness—be ready for anything with the Deluxe kit!"

Are you ready to take your emergency preparedness to the next level? Join us in this urgent mission—your safety and peace of mind are priceless. Let's ensure no one is left unprepared.

Please contact for more information koa@bereadyinc.com

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