Facts Related To Emergency Supplies Storage To Prevent Illness

emergency water storage and filtration long term food storage supplies

Disasters are difficult times to overcome. You cannot prevent disaster from happening. When it happens, people are left out without access to food and water supplies. People often don’t lose their life on account of the disaster. They lose life because of an illness that follows a disaster period.

It is important to maintain your emergency supplies handy with you. Be prepared for the long term. Avoid focusing on short term supplies.

• Throw away any supplies that are prone to spoilage and contamination
• Store long term food storage supplies that is seal packed and safe
• Storing dry food items is essential as they are less prone to spoilage

Water safety observations

Never store drinking water in an open container for emergency use. Water will easily get contaminated. Drinking contaminated water will spread illness. Maintain a safe area to store water supplies. During a disaster, it is not possible to boil drinking water, so select an air tight storage container.

Go with storage containers that are tested for health and safety.

Throw perishable food supplies

Maintaining emergency water storage and filtration unit is essential. Food storage is also essential. You have to identify the food items that are perishable type. If they smell stale, dispose of them before it is too late.

Before storing food items, check with the smell, color, and texture. For seal pack food items, you can check with the expiry date before storing.

Maintain canned foods

Canned foods are better options as compared to deep-freeze type food items. Canned foods are dry foods.

Never store any canned food that is to be stored as a deep freeze item. If no freezer storage facilities then dry food item is the best option.

These are considered as best long term food storage supplies. You can store dry food items for a longer period.

Infant’s food

Storing food items for an infant is a must if you have one. Always focus on approved formulation food for infants. If possible, it is better to go with the ready to use type food item. Concentrated and powdered types are better options.

These types are easy to prepare. Wet foods may be unsafe during a disaster. Powder types are easy to store in a safe place.

Chemical-free water storage

For storing water, always opt for systems that are chemical-free types. You can search for the best emergency water storage and filtration units. A system that works without an electrical connection is a better choice.

You need to keep in mind that during a disaster, electricity may not be available for many days. Self-sustaining systems are better than operate manually. Never focus on storing water only for a shorter period as it is essential for survival.

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