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Emergency Candles Kevin's Kandles

Emergency Candles Kevin's Kandles

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Eco-Friendly Emergency Candle Alternative

Cost-Effective Emergency Candle Solution: Save More with Bulk Purchase Options

Product Overview:

  • Contents of 1-Pack: Includes 5 floating discs and 100 cotton wicks, providing up to 10,000 hours of burn time.
  • Note: Oil, cup, and water are not included.

Economical and Convenient:

  • Experience an affordable solution for emergency lighting with significant long-term savings.

Environmentally Safe and Sustainable:

  • Unlike traditional candles that use paraffin wax—a petroleum by-product—our candles utilize non-toxic vegetable oil as a sustainable fuel source. Our product ensures no harmful emissions like benzene or toluene, making it a safer and greener choice for your home.

Cost Breakdown:

  • 1 Pack Pricing: Get 100 candles at only $10.00 USD, which comes down to just 10¢ per candle.
  • Vegetable Oil Cost per Ounce:
    • 1.42 Litres/48 oz. for $5.49 — Costing only 12.5¢ per candle.
    • 3 Litres/102 oz. for $4.99 — Costing only 4.8¢ per candle.
    • 5 Gallons US/640 oz. for $25.00 — Costing only 4.3¢ per candle.

Safer Candle Options:

  • Offering a safer alternative with reduced risk of toxins and pollutants typically associated with conventional candles.

Bulk Orders:

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