Sagan Journey Water Filter 250 Gallons

Sagan Journey Water Filter 250 Gallons

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The Sagan Journey™ Water Filter has been tested by an independent water laboratory to establish the filter's "End of Life". It meets or exceeds the United States EPA water quality standards for removal of virus, bacteria, giardia and cryptosporidium for up to 250 gallons.

The Journey™ Water Filter is the water filter used in the Journey Filter Water Bottle. This water filter is remarkable as it provides you a personal water filter bottle you can take anywhere, fill from any non-salt water source, and have safe drinking water on the go. Trust your Journey™ as a water filter in a bottle you can take hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, on all outdoor adventures as well as traveling around the world. Even us these refillable water bottles with filter to pop into a public bathroom; fill your water bottle and go - with fresh, safe drinking water. 

Having a refillable water filter bottle cuts down on bottled water trash as well as insures you are getting the best purified water from your Journey™. 

Did you know? Some bottled water is just bottled tap water and many brands of bottled water have fluoride in them. 

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