Nutritious and Tasty Food During an Emergency

Emergency food storage emergency gear supplies

There is never a wrong time to be prepared for any natural disaster or catastrophe. As the Covid pandemic is hitting pinnacle every new day and not looking to go away shortly, you have ample reasons to be prepared for contingencies. Any emergency strikes unexpected. It can be an earthquake, tornado, losing power for multiple days, or your family member falling sick. We usually stand still during such unprecedented scenarios and seek help as we don't always immediately know what to do. You should keep emergency gear supplies readily available if you ever find yourself stuck in an urgent situation.

There are many items to be shortlisted under emergency gear supplies, but it is impossible to fit all in your compact backpack. Not to worry, we have 30 years to experience this service and have helped an uncountable number of families prepare for a crisis. Below is the list of essential gear supplies that will consume less space in your bag and are easy to carry.

• Sun Oven
• Stove in a Can
• Aspect Solar Duo Flex
• 4 in 1 Emergency Tool
• BeReady 2 Person 72 Hours Survival Kit
• Pri-D - Diesel Treatment
• The Volcano Three Grill.
• Gateway Mini
• Gateway Liberty – 1500W Portable Solar Generator Kit
• Lion Cub Go Kit
• Lion Safari LT Kit
• Lion Safari ME + Expansion Pack, Kit
• Lion Club JC
• Active Hydrogel Hand and Face Spray
• Active Repair Spray
• Active Repair Hydrogel
• The XStream™ Straw
• Turbocot Premium Deluxe Folding Hammock Style Cot, Black
• Turbocot Premium Deluxe Folding Hammock Style Cot, Olive Green
• PRI-G - Gasoline Treatment
• Kelly Kettle Base Camp Kit

The above mentioned products are very handy and a must to go in your survival kit. Usage and need of these products may depend upon your survival instincts.

Emergency food storage supplies shall be your savior during the disaster, emergency, or under any crisis. The type and quantity of food one needs to store for a disaster depend on various factors like age of family members, special food needs of a toddler, pregnant women, and elderly, allergic to any food. Other factors could be a particular physical condition and diet needs—space for storing food and preparing food.

If the emergency is for the short term, you must focus more on liquid intake, energy, and special diets. If the crisis is beyond 6 hours, the diet must include nutritionally balanced food items, supplements, and multivitamins. We highly recommend canned food during an emergency. Glass containers are risky and might break in hassle.

Canned foods can be kept forever unless the packing is not damaged or bulging. We suggest storing these supplies safe from direct sun exposure, insects, and rodent pests. Always choose the food that has high nutrition value and the one that the family usually eats. High salt food may increase thirst and is suggested to be avoided. Food that required little to no cooking and one-meal serving is the best pick for any emergency. If you have a pet, don't miss their food.

Though our food is for survival, you can use it daily, as it is too yummy to keep your taste buds drooling. Book it right away!

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