Be Ready INC has a new UPDATED WEBSITE!

Well, if you were wondering this is probably our 3 website in 12 months!  But in all good time we have confidently come back to Shopify.  They have the best solutions for any ecommerce business, especially since we have been around since 1991, but it's perfect also for start ups and I have found great success through Shopify in the past.  Well that's my plug for Shopify.  

We are excited to provide the products, we believe has changed out life, our families lives and given us purpose for the common good of the communities we serve.  There is no doubt about it,  this world and economy is changing.  The landscape for "Preppers" is changing.  But what is constant is that we as humans need food and water to survive.  With our experience we offer the BEST Be Ready INC certified products.  This is based on our standard of living, experience and knowledge we have accummulated over the last 26+ years.  Be Ready products are tested and trusted.  For example, Puravai is the first 100% bacteria free emergency drinking water with up to 20 year shelf life and the Sagan Journey Water bottle and filter.  Filters up to 250 Gallons of water, which filters Bacteria 99.9999%, Virus 99.99%, Giardia/Cryptosporidium 99.99% and heavy metals.  Easily the best water filter on the market!  It works on contact!  

Kaleo Alo
Marketing Guru

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